Central Coast Funeral Services

Central Coast Funeral Services

Calvary Funerals

At Calvary Funerals we will serve you as funeral directors who provide a caring and compassionate funeral service based on christian values. We will guide and support you at your time of sorrow and loss with empathy, dignity and respect.

Generally when making funeral arrangements, families are dealing with something which is new to them. They have little or no prior knowledge and are unsure of what to do. At Calvary Funerals we will try to make things as easy as possible for those people left behind to arrange for their loved one’s funeral. We have many years of experience and knowledge. This is offered to you in the hope that our services will in some way ease the burden of your loss.

The funeral can be as simple or as individual as you choose. Remember, it is your choice. We can help by offering you a range of funeral services and funeral plans. We pride ourselves in being ‘funeral directors who care’. All funeral arrangements will be discussed in a easy step by step way. You will be given a full written funeral estimate so all funeral costs will be clearly and fairly stated.

We offer an inclusive ‘Simple’ funeral. We hope this will ease the financial pressure on those clients who want to do what is right for their loved one, yet do not want to enter into financial difficulty.

We offer:

  • A full international / interstate funeral repatriation service.
  • Early settlement discounts on funerals
  • Funeral bonds – This allows for the prepayment of funerals without being committed to any particular funeral director and it eases the financial burden on the loved ones who are left behind. It also allows people to have a say in their own funeral arrangements.

Memorial Markers and Plaques available:

  • Traditional headstones
  • Life’s memories headstones
  • Complete kerb monuments
  • Designer headstones

Anne-Marie Young J.P. & Kenneth Young (Senior Funeral Director) B.A.; M.B.I.E.; Dip. F.D.
Calvary Funerals help line provides 24 hour / 7 days a week support
Ph: 02 4322 6377
Email: calvaryfunerals@bigpond.com
Website: calvaryfunerals.com.au

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